Trust is established for the following core purposes:

- to promote the social, cultural and linguistic development of persons globally (including those who identify as Turkish or Turkish Australian) through media and education, and to contribute to the formation of high quality, multilingual media and education platforms,

- to promote and advance the awareness of the purpose of existence globally through the production of reliable, accurate and useful, high quality and original contents and presentation of these contents in an effective and aesthetic manner using modern mediums of communication,

- to contribute the development of independent journalism and establish ways of supporting people who contribute to the production of related content, including independent journalists,

- to support educational and media organisations, who share the same/similar vision and values in Australia and overseas,

to help create awareness of key issues regarding education, health, culture, social status, science, and arts in Australia and overseas,

to support people become active, healthy and socially responsible members of society in Australia and overseas.

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